Upcoming webinar: The Quincecare duty on banks: misconceived and misdelivered

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Professor Peter Watts QC, webinar:

‘The Quincecare duty on banks: misconceived and misdelivered’

Chaired by Helen Dervan, Senior Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology

Discussing the duty of banks to question instructions from their customers (the Quincecare duty).

It promises to be a lively, thought-provoking and controversial discussion as Professor Watts suggests the Quincecare duty was ‘invented’ by Steyn J using the wrong principles of agency law. He argues this serious mis-step (compounded by the UK Supreme Court’s decision in Singularis and the EW Court of Appeal in JP Morgan Chase v Nigeria) should be overturned. Professor Watts will propose an alternative rule to deal with the situation where a customer’s appointed mandateries are engaged in fraud or dishonesty when giving instructions to the bank.

Date: Thursday 24 September 2020
Time: AEST 12pm, AWST 10am, NZ 2pm
Chair: Helen Dervan
To register: https://edenevent.eventsair.com/bfsla-webinar—the-quincecare-duty-on-banks-misconceived-and-misdelivered/bfslawebinar10september2020/Site/Register